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My experience is coming along nicely.
My wacked out speed ended up being a fault wheel sensor. Swapped one out off of a demo bike.
Speedo works as it should, Yay!

With the RR air filter and FMF Q4 Ti slip-on my bike ran stellar with the stock map.
I am not sure what KTM is calling the performance map for the 2012 bike.
I hear 'Akro' map or 'off-road' map, both used terminology wise.
With the performance map my bike runs good when on the gas. But it stalls repeatedly on warm up, and occasionally at traffic stops. There are 'dead spots' off idle too.
I am going to put another week on the performance map, evaluate it, and then possibly try the stock map again. Off idle stalling is not good.
I may settle for the map that stalls less off of idle.
My dealer has a dyno and I have thought of dynoing it but I get into a lot of expense running each map on the dyno.
Does anyone have a dyno comparison between the stock map & performance map?
I suspect that would be telling.

Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
I have a Wolfman rack and saddlebag system, but haven't mounted it yet.
Likewise. I want to get fueling closer before I go adventuring.
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