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Putting them back together is much like taking them apart. The Marzocchi torque specs are a little tricky to read as they use different terminology for the objects when torquing them from the names used in the figures or elsewhere in the manual... and torquing appropriately without the proper locking tools is further akward, primarily the base valve. I'll wait to torque the top caps properly until the forks are mounted on the bike and I'll double-check the torque on the base valve later once the bike is operational again -- use the trick of tying-down the bike, compressing the forks to create the needed lock.

Clean the hole, and place the valve in...

You then slide the internals in the tube. In my case, I had a little trouble. You can see in the photo below, the holes at the top of the tube have a little "lip" on them -- some kind of manufacturing process left-over. This wouldn't let the cartridge slide in. So I rounded off the lip.

Here's what it looks like stuck:

Fill with oil. I used little paper strips to check the oil level. They want the oil level to be 9cm from the top of the tube.

Torque appropriately...

And pop the top on.

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