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I got the magura installed.. much better. now to get the decomp done.

I took it for it's first real ride finally today. about 30 miles of rock infested trail.

Firstly, the suspension is not even close for rocks, but i knew that going in to today I just slapped a spare 08 250sxf shock and stock 450sxf front end.

Happily even with the susp it wasn't bad in the rocks, I ended up feeling better after that run than I have on any of my other bikes.

On to the handling. It doesn't any lighter pushing it around the garage or lifting it than my RFS hybrids or 450sxf (and it shouldn't since it weighs as much) however when moving it feels lighter and more flickable.

Power wise.. what can i say it's a 500cc 2t. People fear them, honestly though after spending some time on it I have no idea why? It's a smooth power that IMHO is very easy to ride. It has instant off idle Tq, way more than my TR570 w/ a 806 cam (and i thought that was torquey) that builds quickly and signs off early. It feels strange revving it out but on the plus side you don't need to if you don't want. Vibration is noticeable above 1/2 throttle, not horrible though.

I found myself going too fast into some corners w/o realizing how much speed I was carrying, it's deceptive speed. Burp the throttle and you move faster and faster.

All in all once I sort out the suspension I think this may be my favorite new bike. sure it has down sides but overall i think the KTMCR5 is a good combo.
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