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There has been talk about fuel range and what to do to have enough for some of these rides. Last night while I was adding pictures I found this which is an example a bike with a small tank taking one of the longer rides to Dug Bar. Asrvivor strapped an inexpensive one gallon gas can to the back of his bike. If I'm not mistaken it was a last minute idea on his part. John tell eveyone a little about this.... This was your first big motorcycle trip wasn't it? You've come a long way in a short amount of time.

This was indeed my first large gathering and I will attend it until my days of being hotel bound like some others I know! PICKLE.. I will lead a ride to dug bar Friday and bring 3 gallons of spare gas for those that need it. It will be a slow all day ride with lunch at imnaha store. For those that are noobs and worried about being to slow or not having enough gas this will be the ride for you. Nice easy pace and one of the favorite rides of the area. We will take the whole day to get there and back. Plan on a departure of about 9am Friday and a return of dusk Friday evening. As many as want to go. If some of the faster riders want to go you guys and gals are welcome to rail ahead. For those with less dirt skill we will travel ata pace that is comfortable for you. The ride to this area is worth many stops and has some scenery that must be seen. So plan a whole day of majestic easy dirt/gravel riding. And bring your cameras, i will gladly spend as much time as possible getting pics with your camera of you! Absolutely suited to new riders and is a perfect practice and learning road to take. Come join me. I'll be there wed. Afternoon so find me and let me know you'd like to go and we'll make it known who will be going so you won't be left behind. My bike can make it there and back on one tank so the extra 3 gallons will be for anyone needing it.

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