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Originally Posted by halflife View Post
Awesome, Aarrffin'. Keep up the GREAT work on this!

I'm just N of Atlanta and mostly play in the N Ga mtns, but lately had my eye on the eastern TN/western NC area, generally south of the Cherohala. I'm hoping to pick your brain on a few sites/roads you may have experience with... (if this is a hijack, just say so and I’ll gladly PM or make other arrangements).

Waucheesi Mtn lookout (about 4-5 miles west of the lake you found off Green Cove) - have you ridden up this? Is the road manageable on a loaded KLR with an average skill rider?

On other rides I may have a couple weeStroms in my group with limited off road experience and street tires. Are Buck Bald (off TN 68) and Wesser Bald, and Wayah Bald tame enough for them and/or worth the trip?
Hey halflife
Never been to Waucheesi Mtn or Buck Bald. I think you have to hike to Wesser from Tellico Road. It's not a long walk but I think the FS gate stays closed. An like Aarrff said, Wayah is easy an well worth the trip!

Originally Posted by Aarrff View Post
No way is this a hi-jack! This is why I did this to share! Maybe I can tell you something and I learn in the process too. Regarding your notes: I'll get one of my buds (_anatic) to look at this as he might know about Waucheesi as I have not been on it in a long time. He is busy tomorrow selling burgers for his fire dept but check back here in a day or two to see what he might have for you. By Wesser Bald, I assume you mean to ride the Tellico Road ( not Tellico Plains Tn) from Burningtown off highway 28 over the mountain where the AT crosses then over to Wayah Road. If you can catch this on a damp day to help settle the gravel. There are steep sharp switch backs which can be challenging for newer riders on gravel. I was up there a few months ago and the switchbacks had large "washboards" that would almost bottom out my GS had I not dialed up the off road mode with my computer. Inexperience and street tires might make this one not much fun and the scenery is Ok but not one of my favorites...I ride this one just for the fun of gravel but it may not be fun at all for a beginner on a loaded bike.

Wayah Bald is a must see, the road is simple gravel, about 6miles from the gap on Wayah as I remember, the first pic in this thread is me on that tower. Your folks will have a hoot on this one. Just keep it slow in the blind curves as there could be some traffic on weekends. Weekdays it pretty quiet.

Sorry I can't tell you about buck Bald but maybe someone can chime in with info as that is fine with me. Meanwhile, I will see what I can find out and PM you, etc.

Your newer riders would enjoy Max Patch Road and the Bald at MaxPatch. Several ways to get there on gravel off 209 between Hot Springs and Waynesville. You can go in from Fines Creek andride the entire road which ends up on 25-70 in TN or ride 209 down to Trust and Spring Creek and pick up Meadow Fork or Little Creek to Max Patch Road.

The view of I-40 in my thread is off Buzzard Roost Road which is between I 40 and Mt. Sterling. Easy gravel and PM me if you need info on how to find that as it is not a marked overlook.

If you like the Cherohala,the road I took down to Green Cove in this thread is easy but with the newer folks,go out toward Tellico Plains, Tn

Any other thoughts, feel free to check back by and ask or PM me either way is fine and thanks for stopping by!
Sorry, not much help, that is a little far west for me. PM JoeWannaB, he can definitely put you on some KLR friendly stuff. Examples here.
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