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Jar944 - I always love your build threads as they do a lot of what I wish i had the skills to take on. Congrats on putting together some fun projects

Very interesting to hear that there was not that much real weight savings with this project over the RFS. I always complain about my 4 strokes seeming a lot heavier than the two strokes I used to race. +1 on the CR500's not being scary but just huge torque monsters. I'm a girly 140 pounds and raced one in an enduro twice and it was so torquey it was like cheating. For 3/4 of the race i thought it was all peaches and cream, not until I got tired in the last 1/4 of the race did the cr500 become too much.

Can I ask how much of a real world improvement you found in your RFS hybrid projects in terms of handling? Did it flick side to side (like threading it fast through 1st and 2nd gear tree's) any better? What were the key benefits you found to doing that upgrade? I've got a 2010 set of forks to bolt on the RFS if I want and wondering if the frame contributes that much additional benefit to the overall package? Or maybe the later model suspension is the key component providing the benefits.

I'm asking as I've got a TR570 like you and wondering if its worth the bother to do it or just take it in the ass buying a 2nd hand 500exc in a year if all the FI problems can be dealt with enough for me to ride it on long multi week rides in a third world country like my RFS does.

Again great job on the build!!

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