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Attention Supermoto Riders that want to Back-it-in. This will apply to you as well.

Originally Posted by Happy Seal View Post
I bet it could hydroplane pretty good!
Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
Hmmmm...hadn't considered that, but not too sure I'll be exploring that either?

Lets follow the chain of events, shall we?

ASSuming, the FRONT wheel has NOT lost traction, and the REAR has, in the event of a hydroplane;

The REAR wheel will slip and the front sprag clutch will momentarily engage and via PTO will pull the bike through the water (since the front wheel is now under power) until the rear regains traction and via UNDER-run will regain the drive, leaving the FRONT not driven by power in any way.

ASSuming the FRONT will hydro,

EDIT: This needs to be clarified...

The front tire will momentarily hydroplane until AND ONLY IF, its rotation is slowed enough for the sprag to engage, then under power (via PTO) the FRONT will pull the tire through the water and should ground it due to TWO completely different forces on it; Neutral and PTO. If it's rotation has NOT slowed for the sprag to kick in, it will NOT even have power to it to pull the bike through it.

Now, depending on the position (steering angle in relation to the rear) of the FRONT wheel WHEN it hydro's and unpredictably snaps on the power and subsequently dumps you, is another story.

Again though, it is NOT a ALL WHEEL DRIVE system.

Also, ATTENTION Supermoto Riders that want to Back-it-in. This will apply to you as well.
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