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There sometimes is confusion and we can't tell what parts may have been put on later by POs or were being used at the factory. There are sometimes questions exactly which carbs are correct for your particular era.

I'd say in this instance go by the switches on the handlebar. You could post a better pic of the switches? But we see the yellow so think these are the 1975 switches and are very likely not something a PO would have changed. Also in favor of '75 is the drilled disc.

The Aluminum turn signals could have been put on there by the factory or a PO. This is a simple swap and they look better than the black plastic so is a popular trade. But certainly could also be factory. According to the books the Aluminum signal is only 1974.

There is a 6 digit number on a plate on the side of the carbs. It will be 64/32/??. Tell me the last two digits and I'll tell you more about it. Many of these R75/6es got /5 carbs because the factory was using them up.

It doesn't matter much at all what year the DMV calls it, I think.

You'll be learning more about this as you go along. Does your bike have a kick starter or electric only?
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