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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
Again though, it is NOT a ALL WHEEL DRIVE system.

No argument with your hydroplaning analysis, iheartmyNx, but . . . what's your DEFINITION of, "ALL WHEEL DRIVE?"

Polaris ATV's, whose drivetrains function similarly to the Christini's (rear-wheel power 'til rear tire slippage; then front-and-rear power), are called, "all-wheel drive" machines, in contrast to "four-wheel drive" machines, whose front and rear wheels are constantly engaged with the engine.

Further, I think the current crop of "smart" SUV's, whose rear wheels are powered ordinarily, with power connected to the front differential in the event of rear-wheel slippage, are called, "all wheel drive" vehicles.

Only semantics, of course; but--from these examples and usage, I'd consider the Christini an "all wheel drive" machine, versus a "two-wheel drive" bike, the latter designation suggesting both wheels powered continuously.
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