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Regarding the stands, it actually has three now. The stock side stand, some monstosity sidestand that's welded to the left peg's bracket, and an unknown (to me) centerstand that I'll have to get a picture of to post, and hopefully have identified.
Might be a Surefoot, then. Snowbum has a dissertation/treatise on Sidestands. Wade in. (Folks, he's discovered photos for his website. And egads yes, they're like you imagine. )

Couple of sidestand comments: the '75 may have a sidestand that is self-retracting. "Self retracting" is self-explanatory. Be careful. It can embarrass you. But it can be made "un-self-retracting" easily.

Park the bike on the sidestand, oil will tend to sometimes pool in the left cylinder and give a puff of smoke the next time you start. Doesn't hurt anything and causes only minor embarrassment. Or no embarrassment if you pretend it's like a WWII radial aircraft engine lighting up.

They are fun bikes. A bit quirky at times, but fun.
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