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Marysville via the Acheron Way

Off to Marysville today, stopped to get gas at Warburton it was busy, heaps of bike out its the first nice day after a week of rain, had to wait for these guys to fill up before i could get near the pump.

The Acheron Way, The tar ends after a few kms

Huge trees round here

It looks warm but its 8C, cold hands

The Acheron River

Starting to climb up towards Mt Strictland

This area was burnt out as well on Black Saturday 2009

its midday and still foggy round Melbourne

Looking north toward the Cathedral Range

Keppel Lookout


On Black Saturday 7 February 2009 fires started at 2:55 pm, while Victoria Police twice told the Royal Commission that it commenced at "about 2.30 pm". It burned southeast across the Black Range, parallel to the Kilmore fire, towards Narbethong. reported flame heights of at least 100 metres as the fire traversed the Black Range. At Narbethong, it destroyed 95 per cent of the town's houses.[When the southerly change struck, it swept towards the town of Marysville.
Late in the afternoon of 7 February, residents had anticipated that the fire front would bypass Marysville. At about 5:00 pm, power was lost to the town. Around 5:30 pm, the wind died away, however, minutes later it returned from a different direction, bringing the fire up the valley with it.
Afterwards, a police sergeant said that the main street in Marysville had been destroyed: "The motel at one end of it partially exists. The bakery has survived. Don't ask me how. Everything else is just nuked." Reports on 11 February estimated that around 100 of the town's population of approximately 500 had believed to have perished, and that only "a dozen" buildings were left. Premier Brumby described the situation: "There's no activity, there's no people, there's no buildings, there's no birds, there's no animals, everything's just gone. So the fatality rate will be very high."
Eventually 34 fatalities were confirmed in the Marysville area, with all but 14 of over 400 buildings destroyed.

It taking a while but its getting rebuilt. Its was always a popular bike stop on a big loop that takes in 2 brilliant sections of twistys, the Blacks Spur and Refton Spur.

A little trail off the Lady Talbot Drive

The Taggery river

This is a fire break on the east side of the town, pity the fire came from the west

Back home again via the Acheron Way, I am sticking with the 606's they worked great today, approx 200km on tar gravel, mud

A great ride
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