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My latest issue is that I need to replace the top triple clamp since it has a stripped handlebar bolt. I *thought* these were XR600R triples, since that's what the forks look like. But...XR600R forks are identical to the late 80's CR125R forks, and that tricked me. I ordered a new billet XR600R top clamp, only to find out it doesn't match the bottom (mine have less offset). Turns out I have CR125R forks and triples.

So...I'm going to keep the new top clamp and buy a XR600R bottom triple off Ebay. The bike needs the additional offset that the XR600R setup has, since the current top clamp hits the tank. It should also quicken up the steering a little bit and only adds about $40 to my project.
1974 R90/6 motor w/1050 kit; twin plugged; installed in...1970 R60/5 frame; RM125 front end; KZ1000 Police Tank.
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