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It looks to me like it's a good integration strategy, but a few points need to be addressed.

a) are you interested in such system
I am very interested in such a system. I think it's a great way of protecting riders in a great number of situations.

b) how much would you be willing to pay for such a system
This will probably be the key issue. I don't think it's as bad as other posters seem to think. If you offer this as an add-on to the Navigator or PowerShell, then I would think somewhere in the vicinity of ~250-300$ must be achievable. I'm saying this because a Hit Air vest is about 350-400$ on ebay. If you avoid intermediaries and go directly to the Japanese producer, you will probably be able to provide it for about 300$ without any bargaining.

The cordless alternatives from Dainese and Alpinestars are very very expensive. The Dainese one is split into 2 parts : one on the bike, one on the rider. They amount to about 900Euros (1200$), I believe. The racing system is a 3000Euros option and is only offered as an integrated part in a custom suit. Clearly very expensive. Alpinestars has not released a system to the general public yet. The Dainese vest is far more substantial than the HitAir one and will seriously hamper any venting ability of jacket to which it is attached.

c) what alternate solution you would prefer

I believe that simply offering the option to add the quick release buckles to the jacket is enough. You could do it for a very low price (like 20$) and then someone who is willing to purchase the airbag jacket can purchase it from the other supplier. This will ease the risk on your part but will also remove the competition (which will be bad for us... ). If you go down this route, you can have SaferMoto add you as a direct link from his site, while you will add him on your site (a little word of warning, though, the safer moto site is in a bit of disarray compared to the teiz site : They do, however, already offer jackets that integrate the vest and this will compete with your jackets.

I would prefer it that you manage to offer the vests at a lower price than SaferMoto.

d) any other features you would rather see us implement for e.g chest armor, kidney belt, tailbone protector etc.

Chest protection is a must, but this can be mitigated by the airbag vest. Tailbone protector is also a must and can also be mitigated by the vest.

e) any other feedback.

There is a lot of talk relating to the cord / wireless systems and deployment times. I will say here what I've found about this issue.

You can split the total deployment time into 2 parts:
1. Triggering : the time it takes for the system to acknowledge that a crash is taking place and ask for inflation from the jacket.
2. Inflation : the time it takes for the jacket to inflate from the point of triggering.

The inflation time is the same for both the cord and wireless systems (~30ms), however, the triggering time differs wildly. Wireless systems can do it in about 50ms. Cord systems require the attached cord, which links you to your bike to reach a certain tension, at which point it will trigger.
Wireless systems reach total deployment times of 80ms, while cord systems require around 250ms.
Cord systems are useless in a number of situations when you don't separate in time from your bike. Such accidents include head on collisions, when you might impact the wall/car before the cord has been tensioned, or low sides where you don't separate from your bike. They will, however protect you in case of highsides or when you hit the bonnet of a car(which you clear) etc.

I believe that you can improve on the cord system by making the cord act just like a seat belt, which will tense when the speed at which it is being pulled is sufficiently high (something like a fall arrester) but I don't think they'll ever reach the level of the wireless types.

My final observation is that, whichever the implementation, you must never compromise the current functionality of your products. For me, the ability to flow air and easy on/off is very important, so I would like for you to make sure they still stand.
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