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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
"All wheel Drive" or "Full Time 4WD" is actually a marketing term designed only to sell to consumers.

AWD is diffs times 3. Front, Center and Rear. Lift one up and if the center is open or unlocked, it's game over. All the power will go to it and since it has no traction forward progress will be halted. So hardly "All" wheel drive.

So if the Christini was AWD a simple wheelie would stop it
You're just making up your own definition of all wheel drive.

There are a wide range of all-wheel-drive cars (and trucks) available. They are defined as AWD because they have driveshafts connected to all 4 wheels, and they can apply power to all 4 wheels. The specific nature of their differential type, and the manner in which the power distribution is controlled, does not impact whether or not it is AWD. Sure, it may impact how effective it is in certain types of situations, but it does not impact whether it is or is not AWD.

The Christini has "driveshafts" connected to both wheels (all wheels). It is capable of putting power to all the wheels, when/if the "differential" and/or "control system" deems it necessary. Thus, it is all-wheel-drive.

This isn't rocket science...
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