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Originally Posted by kpt4321 View Post
You're just making up your own definition of all wheel drive.

There are a wide range of all-wheel-drive cars (and trucks) available. They are defined as AWD because they have driveshafts connected to all 4 wheels, and they can apply power to all 4 wheels. The specific nature of their differential type, and the manner in which the power distribution is controlled, does not impact whether or not it is AWD. Sure, it may impact how effective it is in certain types of situations, but it does not impact whether it is or is not AWD.

The Christini has "driveshafts" connected to both wheels (all wheels). It is capable of putting power to all the wheels, when/if the "differential" and/or "control system" deems it necessary. Thus, it is all-wheel-drive.

This isn't rocket science...

i could give a shit less if it's called "momentary kinda both wheel drive" or "hydrostatic automatic supercatic clutchomatic" - i just want one to let me climb more stuff and go more places.

the shit turns the front and rear wheel. who cares what the shit is so long as it moves you when normal (omg more finger waggin about terms) rear wheel drive wouldn't.

OP - how about some videos of your next ride ? it would be cool to see the ffont tire roosting, or helping you along in mud/rocks/whatever.

nice system !
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