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Customer Testimonial

"By accident, I was introduced to Monarch Motorcycle oil by Royal Mfg. At the beginning of a multi-day adventure motorcycle ride on my Honda XR650R (know to 'eat' and 'tear up' oil), I accidentally left my oil fill cap off the bike and started it. Well, oil flew everywhere....and I had no idea how much I had lost. A fellow rider (employee of Royal), happened to have some quarts of their synthetic 15w50 in his pickup. Not wanting to mix oils, by simply topping off, I drained the remaining oil I had and poured in the Monarch oil. After three, very hard days of riding, climbing high mountain passes, pushing the engine to very high temps....I didn't notice that I had burned any oil at all. Consumption was near zero. I have since put the oil in my VStrom (which has always burned oil on 75 mph interstate runs) and haven't noticed any consumption either. The bikes run really smooth and I am very happy with Monarch oil. Also, with the price at just over $6 a quart, it beats the heck out of $8, $10 and $12 oils. It will be poured in all my bikes from this point forward."

John Lane - Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders, President

Thank you for the feedback John. Appreciate the testimonial and the business. I challenge others to review the spec sheets and compare flash points etc. against the other top makes. You will find that it performs just as well if not better.
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