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I encourage everyone to give this oil a try. You will not be sorry. This oil is a very high grade synthetic and their 15w50 will easily cross over to bikes asking for 10w40 (like my VStrom).

Couple of reasons to use Monarch 15w50 Motorcycle.....

1. The purchase directly benefits two men, that are in the business and fellow ADV'ers.
2. A percentage of the profits are being contributed to COHVCO.
3. It will stand side-by-side with Royal Purple, except it doesn't cost $14 a quart.
4. Most of us are not Tribologists, but the 'oil analysis' is most interesting to view. Flash points, very high TBN values and the ability of this oil to avoid shear, staying in grade is phenomenal!!!!

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"By accident, I was introduced to Monarch Motorcycle oil by Royal Mfg. At the beginning of a multi-day adventure motorcycle ride on my Honda XR650R (know to 'eat' and 'tear up' oil), I accidentally left my oil fill cap off the bike and started it. Well, oil flew everywhere....and I had no idea how much I had lost. A fellow rider (employee of Royal), happened to have some quarts of their synthetic 15w50 in his pickup. Not wanting to mix oils, by simply topping off, I drained the remaining oil I had and poured in the Monarch oil. After three, very hard days of riding, climbing high mountain passes, pushing the engine to very high temps....I didn't notice that I had burned any oil at all. Consumption was near zero. I have since put the oil in my VStrom (which has always burned oil on 75 mph interstate runs) and haven't noticed any consumption either. The bikes run really smooth and I am very happy with Monarch oil. Also, with the price at just over $6 a quart, it beats the heck out of $8, $10 and $12 oils. It will be poured in all my bikes from this point forward."

John Lane - Rocky Mountain Adventure Riders, President

Thank you for the feedback John. Appreciate the testimonial and the business. I challenge others to review the spec sheets and compare flash points etc. against the other top makes. You will find that it performs just as well if not better.
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