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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
AWD is diffs times 3. Front, Center and Rear. Lift one up and if the center is open or unlocked, it's game over. All the power will go to it and since it has no traction forward progress will be halted. So hardly "All" wheel drive.
You forget an LSD, the Limited Slip Differential! My AWD car had an LSD in the center and rear, so unless both rears and a front were off the ground, it still drove. I common automotive terms, AWD means the engine is driving all 4 wheels all the time, as opposed to 4WD, in which the front drive can be disconnected, like in some trucks. I guess you could say the Christini is 2WD instead of AWD because the front drive can be disconnected with the handle bar lever. But just because the front is underdriven does not mean it isn't 2WD. This is actually one of the advantages of the Chrisitini system because it allows the bike to turn better with some rear wheel slip, until it needs the front assist.

And I don't understand why you think that the front wheel suddenly engaging will cause a crash? In my experience it is just the opposite. When drifting the bike on a loose surface with the power full throttle and the back wheel begins to break away, the front begins driving and actually stops the bike from low siding. It doesn't really matter what you call it, it works!! I am in the process of gearing up the front drive to get more pull from the front tire sooner. I also have finished adapting my supermoto wheels to the bike, so it will be interesting to see how it works on pavement and dirt with street tires. Here is an article written by a World Supermoto racer who tested a Christini SM bike and liked it a lot:
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