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First, is the Skyline GTR AWD, or not?

Second, can you please point me to the official definition of AWD that you're using when you say we're all wrong?

Third, are you saying that "AWD on demand" systems are not AWD?

In the end, you seem you be saying that what everybody (car manufacturers, bike manufacturers, other inmates) calls AWD, isn't actually AWD, and that only you know what the true definition of AWD is. I guess if that's your position you can't possibly be wrong, but the rest of us will continue to use the definition that the world as a whole recognizes, and you can continue to live in your own land of different terminology.

As a side note, I never said that "the wheel that slips is the wheel that grips," and the odds are that I know as much (or more) about differentials and AWD systems than you do, so you can save explaining that some differentials may have clutch packs (wow!). I'd love to hear you "school me" on SAWC, though, and maybe since there is "not an AWD system you don't understand" you can explain how you vary the torque bias capability of a torsen/quaife/helical LSD.
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