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Originally Posted by kpt4321 View Post
so he's going to tell you that you're wrong.

Dude, c'mon with the baiting here.

1st off, I don't give a chit about a Skyline and I have the internet... So not sure the big deal wit dat...

2nd, if I replace the hubs on my Hilux with sprag clutches and run 30's on the back and 31's on the front, drive it in 4H all the time... does that make it AWD?

3rd, ALL the wheels do not have power to them as "Wheel Drive" would suggest. If they did, you'd have 4 individual drive-shafts running to 4 individual wheels... And even if the front was a steer axle, it'd still have gear bind (on-road) and it wouldn't turn in soup (mud) like a spooled front axle 4WD, off-road...

Thanks for playing...

...DAMN! Took that hook, line and sinker!
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