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There is a 6 digit number on a plate on the side of the carbs. It will be 64/32/??. Tell me the last two digits and I'll tell you more about it. Many of these R75/6es got /5 carbs because the factory was using them up.
The left carb has 64/32/9 and the right carb has 64/32/10 stamped into the BING identification tag. I'll look forward to hearing what they are. Learning more about this bike is really giving me the itch to get working on it.

I got back to Grassroots BMW today to do the paperwok on the purchase and was able to find out a bit more about the bike and pick up the spare/extra parts that were included with the bike. I forgot to get them when I picked up the bike. Dave....the "walking BMW encyclopedia" at Grassroots, thought the bike might have been ridden as recently as a couple years ago. I think he remembers everybody. He talked like the previous owner, now deceased, used to do his own maintenance, but recommended pulling to trans to do a spline check/lube as well as some other maintenance and checks before I get too carried away. I want to check the bike over thoroughly before I even think about trying to start and/or ride it.

There are brackets on the bike already for a Windjammer fairing that had been mounted. No, I'm not putting it back on the bike, as much as I appreciate wind protection but in a pocket of the fairing I found the key that fits the bike's ignition and seat lock. Forgot to try it in the fork lock though. Didn't mess too much with the other keys on the ring, but I'm hoping one fits the gas cap lock and maybe the one side case I have. I put the one bag on the bike and was pleasantly suprised and pleased how the white case looks on the bike. Maybe I'll look for a right side one too!

Also found a pair of aluminum turn signals, but they appear to have had part of the stalk cut off....maybe not, but I don't see how they would work on the front as-is. I'll have to get a picture and see if someone can educate me. Also need to get a picture of the center stand. I don't think it's stock, but it appears (to me...the noob) that it's on the stock frame mount points.

Under the seat was another suprise...a well-stocked tool kit, that included what appears to be a spanner for the fork caps.....has a couple pins anyway, and I had already thought I'd end up having to make one. Looks to be a well stocked "traveling" tool roll.

In the side case were a variety of things that included a pair of "better insulated than I now own" gloves that fit me, a new BMW roundel to replace the grungy one on the left side of the tank, a right-side side cover that appears to have been messed with (no apparent way it attaches at the front to hold it on, but sadly, no left side cover), and a few less exciting things. I'm getting to love this airhead more all the time though! It's like Christmas in June, discovering and finding all this stuff.

Thanks to everyone who has offered help already. I really appreciate it!


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