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The BEST TWVT ride report EVER!!!!

Looks like it's time for another NCD Ride Report. You know the deal - lots of route information, stunning historical tidbits, and high brow humor.*

So, thanks to intothenew and his compadres, we have a great and growing network of dirt routes to link together here in the East. I was only able to do a small part of it on a long weekend, and I've outlined the basic route I took in red below. Home to East Liverpool, OH - due south to Gauley Bridge, WV - cross state to Durbin, WV on badass non-TWVT backroads - and North for a while again on the trail before heading home. This isn't the EXACT route I took or anything, but it's as close as I could approximate and keep it looking like a wiener:

Sidenote: If this guy approaches you and wants to discuss hairstyling tips .... RUN. But, if he wants to talk to you about country roads in West Virginia, well then ... by all means pull up a chair and pay attention:

I'm putting together a theory on WV road layout and construction, so for now - take a look at this and I'll be back in a minute:

* This is complete bullcrap. Don't believe anything I say. For real. Bored? Read this then.
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