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Well like they said I got dropped off in Escalante. I don’t know why I thought SOMETHING might be in that town but Ill tell you it was DEAD.

The guys filled up their fuel and left in two different directions; Herc to find a rental truck to carry my sorry ass home and the rest of the gang to explore the Canyon. I found a corner at the Quicksackminisubwaygasbeer store that was under a overhang since it looked like rain. Got out of my riding gear and whipped out my 2 legged chair with 4 legs and made myself comfortable and watched the small town go by. There was a very energetic lady working for the city pulling weeds across the street and that was wearing me out just watching.. I say the city got their moneys worth.
Once she was done all that remained was people watching……they got two kinds of people in Escalante besides “The Desert Doctor” motorcycle repair dude. Ya got your out in the middle of nowhere meth head/white trash/walmart types (but no walmart ) and ya got the members of “The Church”

Now “The Church” folks, I think there is really only one kind of church in this area, I have to say they were nice and polite , each and every one. Stopping to ask how I was doing? Could they help? (none wanted to give me a ride) what was I going to do ? Most of them I saw more than once and every time they stopped to chat. I even met an older guy that was a farmer who was waiting on time to change irrigation that told me a story about the road from Badwater over the butte. Seems there was a fairly well off cattle guy who wanted a short cut across so he got in a cat and cut the road himself. . Don’t know if it was true but it was a great story that passed some time. Sadly the guy was a big BYU fan and crashed his plane on the way home from a game and that was it for him and his passengers.
“The Meth Heads were typical of most towns out west. Screamin at the snotty brats, grabbing a cube of Nattyice, leaving and flippin a bitch half a block away cause they forgot to get smokes. Saw a bunch of them more than 5 times. Fat bitches thinkin there hot with the rolls hangin over the tight sweatpants, smoking cigarettes, yappin on the cell phone, and yelling at more tit hangers. Shirtless skinny guys covered with zits and crappy tats nervously lookin over their shoulder like something is chasing them Haha The waitress we had for breakfast must have been one too cause she was in and out the store a bunch and the first 2 times I said “Hi” she looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t say “Hi” again. I think the meth heads out numbered the Church but seemed to ignore each other and went happily about their business.

Now “The Desert Doc” motorcycle mechanic was something else. He must have come by 10 times to see if I needed any of his services. He could take me to St Georce for $600. No thanks. He asked if there was a wire from the radiator and that was probably it. Did I want him to check it out? No thanks. Later on he asked if I was with the Harley Guys from BC. No, not me. I got info about him from several locals. Some think he is a rip off artist, some think a fool, but I think he is just a lonely old biker wanting to be helpful and make a few bucks and maybe just a couple of cards shy of a full deck.

All of this could have happened in 1 hour but I think I spent about 15 hours there. I got a little worried about Travis after 4 hours and no word. Shit he only needed to go 135 miles ….om pavement….. Little did I know of his adventure at the time. Anyway he finally made it back , we loaded up the bike and headed off to …….SOMEWHERE else.

Made it to Mesquite, got a room, drank some beer and slept till 10 the next day.
Headed to Vegas, dropped the Van, and got a room at a real nice hotel with Hers’s travel points. Found a store with good beer and had a good night. The next day we went on a tour of Hoover Damn and there was a lot of Dam stuff there. We found the Dam bathroom, the Dam water fountain, The Dam stairs……. The people who worked there got a kick out of “Damn”
It was a very enjoyable tour and we saw some real cool chit.

Just as we were finishing up the tour we got a cell call to meet the guys and we headed east into Arizona to meet at Kingman. It was real good to meet back up with the “family”. A lot of beer was drunk and lies told in that motel parking lot that night. It was not the way I wanted to end the trip but it could have ended much worse..

Ill let some of the others get to their end and then Ill finish up
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