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Day eight


I was up and packed early.....not desert early, but motel early.

Once the Coyote was strung over the back of the mule, all I would have to do was lean against the hitching rail and have a smoke ...and wait for the rest of the posse to shake the sand and varmints out of their blankets.

I was sitting at a table in the restaurant and a few of the guys sauntered in and joined me for a sit-down breakfast....not one of them Power Bar Buffets I was getting used to

The evening before had been very windy and seemed that we had clear skies for today's ride. After flapjacks and coffee, we saddled up and rode west.

I was first down the road for a while and was very tempted to stop and check out the Little Colorado River Canyon about 20 minutes or so west of Cameron

But I kept going as we were headed to the South Rim area to look into our ride's namesake...

This was the type of viewing that 99% of the folks who visit the Canyon get to see....and was the type of viewing that did not interest me in seeing on my previous trips returning from Baja rides. I figured the pictures I had seen over the years gave me a good idea what the Canyon was like.

This trip changed all that

So, here are our "tourist" shots...

Bobby is a Disc Golfer (he will correct my terminology),

so he creates a "For-size and to-scale comparison...

And all these pics were taken about 20 feet from the parking lot...

While the view was that of amazing geology, the experience wasn't nearly as meaningful as yesterday's adventures to the rim the day before. But, it was still impressive...

It was still early and we had miles to go. The guys had called Bob and Travis the evening before and it was decided that they would rendezvous with us that evening in Kingman , AZ.

We still had to rip up some alto plano ranchland before dodging pirates on Route 66 ....
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