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Originally Posted by IheartmyNx View Post
"3.1 All-Wheel Drive—A vehicle drive system with the ability to drive all wheels."

Well hot damn that's genius... Can't wait to find out what the DEFINITION of "Four-Wheel Drive" is...

I can solve this yet AGAIN, but I refrain.

This debate, now comparable to the difference in "MILF" and "Cougar", is still retardedly moot though...

And again, I have not said ONE bad thing about the Christiani.
Dude!...and other dudes! Give it a rest.

Maybe more substantive discussion about long term reliability, parts availability, service, more pros/cons, and other descriptive tidbits would be more useful to understanding how this system will or won't work for most of us as dirt riders. Man, I clicked on this thread thinking I was going to really learn some real world application of this concept and found pages of a full blown school playground fracas over terminology and semantics with a few hidden gems of real information. I'm a gearhead too, but I don't require a full and total comprehension of all of Newton's laws to ride my dirt bike. Can we get back to our regularly scheduled programming involving how this system is working and can work for real world off road use?
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