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Originally Posted by TNC View Post
Dude!...and other dudes! Give it a rest.

Maybe more substantive discussion about long term reliability, parts availability, service, more pros/cons, and other descriptive tidbits would be more useful to understanding how this system will or won't work for most of us as dirt riders. Man, I clicked on this thread thinking I was going to really learn some real world application of this concept and found pages of a full blown school playground fracas over terminology and semantics with a few hidden gems of real information. I'm a gearhead too, but I don't require a full and total comprehension of all of Newton's laws to ride my dirt bike. Can we get back to our regularly scheduled programming involving how this system is working and can work for real world off road use?

Here's some info about the KX Christini I have. It is one of two made from 09 EFI 450s. They had wanted to use the KLX450R, but the starter on the left side was an obstacle to overcome so the KXs were used. I'm glad that the EFI is on my bike, altitude change goes unnoticed. The gears for motocross were a little tall for this old guy and I didn't want to gear it too low on the topend. The Rekluse clutch solved the tall gear problem as well as the flameout that was a pain at times.

Early on I had a problem with engagement of the gears in the gearbox behind the frame. I called Steve Christini, he figured out the problem, it was a clip missing inside. He sent the new parts I needed that day, in less than a week it was back together. Steve is one of those guys that makes things right no hassles.

When I changed the front tire for the first time, I was nervous about parts falling out,,, or some complex process,,,it was simple and just as easy as a regular frontend.

The system is simple and should last as long as the rest of the bike. I will repeat this over and over,,,,the Christini All-Wheel-Drive is a brilliant setup. It works for the right application,,,which to me is extreme conditions where traction and help of the front wheel pulling is your riding condition. I would like to shoot some video, but I have no personal photographer.

I cannot speak about the new bikes,,, I would buy one if I weren't so happy with the KX. The price of the new bikes is very reasonable,,,in fact a steal.
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