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(This is not a tutorial - you can find that in the Basecamp Help files)

The following is not absolutely essential in order for you to use your Montana, but once you get used to using Basecamp to plan your routes/tracks, you'll probably be interested in this as well.

Garmin Basecamp is a program which allows you to create routes/tracks and plan trips on your computer. There is both a Windows and a Mac version available. They are not identical, and it's reckoned that the Mac version is better in some ways. Both versions are available here.

Basecamp is the replacement for Mapsource. Basecamp is more powerful but it takes some getting used to, especially if you've used Mapsource for years. Forget everything you learned about Mapsource when you start using Basecamp. Check out the online videos which can be found in the Basecamp Help section, and do be sure you have the most recent version of BC so you won't have to suffer from too many bugs (aka undocumented features).

The Montana, as well as other modern Garmin units like the Oregon, Dakota and 62/78 have the ability to use their installed maps in Garmin's Basecamp program without those maps being installed on the computer. If all goes well, all you need to do is plug the compatible gps into the USB cable on the computer and a list of maps on the gps and on the Micro SD card, if you have one with maps on it, will show up in the Basecamp window.

But try as I might, I could never get it to see my maps.

I noticed someone on a Garmin forum describing GMapTool, a program which can be used to set a flag in the .img file so that BaseCamp will see the maps, no matter where they came from so I tried it and it works! Finally, I was able to see all my maps in BaseCamp without having to install them on the computer!

GMapTool is available here: (Don't worry about the Polish text - the program has an English language option)

Here's a screen shot to prove it: In the foreground is the log of changes made through GMapTool to the maps on the SD card in my Montana, and in the background is the list of maps on the card which BaseCamp is now seeing.

This is the post on the Garmin forum which describes the process.

This is essentially how GMapTool is used:

I created a little Jing video screen capture showing how to make it work. There's only ambient noise in the video - dogs, tractors, nothing interesting. But it shows how easy the process is.

Make sure you have backups of your maps, just in case. Don't work directly on your Montana, whatever you do. If you make a mistake and cause your Montana to become unresponsive, you can just take the SD card out and the Montana will start up normally.

If your maps are on a uSD card, take it out of the Montana, make a complete copy of it and use that to work on.
  1. Backup everything.
  2. Open Gmaptool
  3. Click on "Add Files"
  4. Browse to the map directory X:\Garmin (Substitute your drive letter)
  5. Select the file (you can do one at a time if you want - probably safer to do so)
  6. Go to the "Options" Tab
  7. Select "Advanced Options" (You only need to set this once)
  8. Go to the "Write" tab
  9. Select "Set Version in Header"
  10. Add 0 in "MS" field (Number Zero)
  11. Click "Write All"

That's it. Then eject the SD card, put it into your gps and plug the gps into your computer, then run Basecamp and check to see if the map(s) is (are) listed.
Want to know more about the Garmin Montana? See the Wisdom and FAQ Thread.
Want to know more about the Garmin VIRB? See here.
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