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Day two - Idaho and storms

The second morning in Sandpoint started early and the campground showers were nice and clean and cheap by Canadian standards needing only a quarter to run instead of a dollar. We decided that an early start and a couple of hours of seat time before breakfast would be a good way to make miles, and restaurants rarely open at 5 a.m. anyway. We broke camp and hit the highway with me leading the group and acting as navigator, which would be the norm, this trip (only Paul on the BMW and myself had GPS units). I had never been to Coeur d’Alene so I didn’t realize that most of the town was east of the highway, passing through the north end and not seeing anything suitable for breakfast and figured “how far could it be until the next little town”, oops. Sometime later we finally came upon a little town (whose name escapes me) and found a little local diner. The parking lot was fairly busy which is usually a good sign. Everything was good except the coffee (I went out in the parking lot and shaved the fur off my tongue after a cup of that stuff, yuck), insert Starbucks comment here.

We rolled on to Lewiston stopping at the overlook for pictures, then other than fuel stops carried on south.

OK, which pocket did I put the camera in???

At Grangeville we carried on south on 95 and after a few rain drops, I stopped to ask the guys if they wanted to suit up for the rain. The consensus was, “ if it gets bad we can stop”. Not long after it started to get heavier but intermittently and I kept checking my six to see if the guys were pulling over and they weren’t so I carried on after all my suit is rainproof (to some degree). By the time we hit New Meadows it was pounding down gale force and when I pulled into the Chevron. “I though you were going to stop if it started raining?” Sorry. After lunch and fuel we suited up (barn door closed, after escaped horse…) and headed east toward McCall and hwy 55. The highway into McCall was a blast, even in the rain with a loaded down bike on knobbies. After McCall, not so much, but at least the rain relented before Eagle where we pulled over to strip off the (dry by now) rain gear.

combined 2 day stats....sorry, I'll try to do better, rookie mistake.

We weaved through Boise and tried to find a campground. The locals that I quizzed (don’t ask kids at Sonic) had no clue and the only one that came up on Paul’s Zumo 660 turned out to be a RV only up by the industrial park (by the truck stop) at the south end of the city. I was tired and hungry and getting grumpy and I am pretty sure that I wasn’t the only one. We very quickly decided that a hotel would be just fine after another long day and crappy weather for a good portion of it. Thankfully we found one to fit the bill a couple of minutes away. Despite our appearance when we walked through the lobby door, they actually had rooms, and there was a pub across the street that was still open by the time we were somewhat presentable. We managed a couple of rounds before last call and a few snacks. I was excited because by afternoon tomorrow we would be back on track and the forecast looked great! Sleep came quickly when my lids slammed shut.

much more to come......

I've learned so much from my mistakes. I'm thinking of making a few more.
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