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The Aluminum turn signals are nicer than the plastic ones. Sounds like they were cut, or the stalks were cut, to make room for the fairing. Too bad they would have easily unbolted. Most did it that way and then bent the stalks out of the way of the fairing. Look under the headlight ears you might see the rest of the stalks. You probably will need new stalks to mount them. The wires to the signals may still be in the headlight shell or it should be easy to make new wires if needed. The stalks are pretty cheap on Ebay used but watch out for the longer stalks, they go on S bikes. The longer ones go for ten times more than the shorter ones you need. I actually think those stalks are also still available new at an Airhead friendly dealer.

You have the /5 carbs on your /6. This is a common happenstance. It's so common that there may be more of the R75/6es with the /5 carb than the /6 carb. The carbs you have will work fine. When you see stuff in a manual though and it involves talk about the R75/6 carbs they may not have the right info for your bike. Capice? I'm going to give you the info for both the /6 and the /5 carb. There's actually more to it but this info will be enough for now. Some may think they want to jet those carbs according to proper /6 jetting. I don't think that would be a good idea. Use them as they were made the day they were put on that bike by BMW. If you want to get more fancy some years from now there are better carbs to have and they aren't even Bings. But right now just use what ya got.

R75/5... carb# 64/32/9&10... main jet 135... needle jet 2.70... jet needle 241... idle jet 45... idle mix setting 0.75...

R75/6...carb#64/32/13&14... main jet 145... needle jet 2.66... jet needle 241... idle jet 50... idle mix setting 0.50...

I know about the highly recommended spline lube. I now think it's over rated. Do it if you want the experience, it's a wonderful way to waste time and bond with your machine, or there are specific shifting issues that you think might be helped by the spline lube. After you get the bike running, #1, then we'll talk about shifting issues. If you really want to do this it's OK just put it off a little while. Maybe till winter. Instead of starting with a big project that you might not need just be ready for something, or anything, that you actually do need.

Anyway, you now have the bike home and it's almost ready to start? What to do? Change all the fluids, is a good idea. At least the engine oil and filter, the gear oil in the trans, swing arm and final drive. You can leave the surprise of the front end for later. Clean the gas tank and petcocks, clean the float bowls on the carbs, replace the fuel lines if they look even a bit old.

If the bike came with a battery charge it up and see if it holds a charge and you think you might live. Other wise buy a new battery.

Fresh gas, a clean airfilter (new one if needed), set the enrichners to full on and give a little twist to the throttle then crank away. You should have this thing running in a day at most I think.

Don't forget to wear a helmet.
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