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Day nine


We were up quite early so everyone could go to church....

After that, folks were milling around their bikes...the gang would load up the truck and trailer and head back to Las Vegas for another and final group fiesta...I would pack up and ride to Mesquite where my truck was. It was difficult to turn down their invitation to join them in Las Vegas, but I knew I had to get on my way back home.

The guys had trailered clean and mechanically sound motorcycles from their home base in Nevada ten days ago...

They had perfected the ancient art of making things that don't fit fit...

And now had to repeat that feat...

The first circus act was to perfect their teeter-totter technique of transferring a bike from the trailer to the pick-up...

It did not take too long before they figured out the jigsaw puzzle and the bikes were loaded...

I was impressed with their tie-down system. Up here in Kitty Milker country, we do the standard technique of tiedowns from handle bars to the truck bed. These guys build their own hi-tech stands made to NASA dimensions so that the bike is suspended on a stand and the tie-downs are ratchet straps fixed to the footpegs to another secret design floor-mount rack.

Maybe I need to get out more....but it impressed me...

Very well thought out a Luddite, I was in awe

And.....I really need to get out more

The day was sunny and would be hot. No one was really in a hurry to end our ride, and we all knew we were approaching that time.

The night before the bikes were resting peacefully...and Dr. Dave (you know....the guy with the mother-sister thing he didn't like to discuss) left his helmet hanging on the bars of his custom 400XR...

Being the youngster in the crowd, he was tucked in early....and his loving brethren scooped his helmet and hid it somehow in their gear. In the morning they did not say a word when Dave was searching for his helmet as he was gathering his stuff. They didn't squeak out any form of hint they knew where it was as he became more perplexed .

(Paul, you think I am cruel??? )

Someone offered up the comment...."Did you bring it in last night?" And then the assumption that it had been stolen began to circulate....Dave's face grew longer and the lower lip began to stick out a bit, despite his best efforts to appear to not be shitting himself with confusion, guilt, and remorse.

His best since early childhood...childhood buddies...the important figures that shared and guided his formative years....didn't let on. I picked up on this show and asked what was up....and was led to believe that they wouldn't let him in on the joke for some time.

Something was said quietly to me about E-bay helmet bids....

I presently don't know how the trick was played out and hope one of the gang will tell us the story...

The moment of goodbyes was upon us

I was given warm goodbyes and man-hugs....

As I look back on it, I see a range of .... ULTERIOR MOTIVES

- Bob needed another Old Fart along to make him look good

- Bob needed someone to write a ride report cuz he cant spell worth shit

- Bob need another 690 along so he wouldn't need to pirate Kevin's 690 for parts

- The other guys needed someone slower than all of them

- The whole gang needed an easy target for their razor sharp wit

- They needed an eighth guy so one of them didn't have to pay full price for a single motel room

But if the truth be told, it was a simple plan:

Bob organized a ride with some of the guys closest to him so he could share his enthusiasm about riding the dez , going to places he had enjoyed before and new places he wanted to see, creating an opportunity to take the risk of inviting new people along and expanding all of his and their horizons.

Not just that horizon down the road, but the horizons of kin, friendship, adventure, the altered state a good fire conjures up, laughter, challenges of one's own varied limits.....and the unlimited horizons of opening one's heart up.

Thanks for the ride, Bob It was a pleasure to share in your adventure...

And to the rest of the guys....

I appreciate you letting me in. Part of my purpose on this trip was to take a step back and see how a group of friends treated one another. I was impressed with the help offered by one another, the cooperation, the closeness demonstrated, and the consistent ability to role with the punches along the way without turning on one another.

It was a privilege to be part of your world. Thank you !!

Ged Schwartz
Kamloops , BC

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