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Originally Posted by troy safari carpente View Post
Originally Posted by Strummer
Yep, you can see the trials background in the way he (and most of the top guys now) rides...

Erzberg - "The secret to success": mad/fast off road skills (to banzai the prologue course in order to get on front row start and make time on the faster linking sections of the hare scramble), this combined with trials skills and heaps of stamina/patience (in those boulder/rock slide sections)... and preferably a bike that someone else pay's the repair bills on...

Originally Posted by Harvey Krumpet
I down loaded it, 5 hours worth. Watched it last night & I'm shattered but at least my bike is in one piece. Barbaric pastime but very entertaining. Graham Jarvis, oh dear.. Poor bugger. I think their will be some scores to settle at Romaniacs...

Graham Jarvis' total look of incomprehension when he first got the news at the finish (although the organiser kindly* let him complete the whole course before telling him?... after he apparently "missed" the checkpoint relatively early in proceedings?) was something quite unique to watch. Then the way he took it (resigned to the fact almost)... Shit what a champion/gentleman of the human race (either that or he could not fathom it was really happening?). I'm sure the majority of people in that situation had of thrown a ballistic tantrum of some sort. Jarvis just seemed to take it in stride. Kudos.

*This is the part that I wondered about? Although Jarvis "missed" a checkpoint early on the course... it seems the organiser allowed the situation where he continued to ride the entire route (in the belief he was winning), instead of informing him of the "miss" at the first opportunity? Why? To make a better story/footage and keep some intrigue in the video/for the sponsors? It may well be that had Jarvis been informed at an appropriate point in time, he could have returned to the miss check, or perhaps he would have pulled out (if no chance of victory), or choose to continue and prove a point (as was ultimately the case).

As it turned out, he rode the whole course, only to have the news dumped on him AFTER approaching the finish line (he never took the checkered flag). In contrast - Johnny Walker (who was running second on the track and eventual winner), was informed of the situation (presumably by one of his "spotters") out on course and continued unflustered... knowing that he DID NOT have to chase down Jarvis. Now that's not a "fair" playing field?

To my mind... the organisers "used" Jarvis to a certain extent... One could say that the "organ grinder" made the monkey dance all day... and then withheld the peanuts at the end?

One can imagine that GJ could very well be a force to be reckoned come Romaniacs time...

I saw Letti cross the line in 3rd. He was also "lost" when he heard. My german is non existant, but the "Only NOW!" didn't need an interperator!

Extremely poor organising!
But as you say, it did create good riding from the best.
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