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Good stuff. thanks for sharing.

Originally Posted by bcostell
Here's some notes I made for the R100GS fitment.

Change instructions to remove ALL old wiring, including the red lead (double width spade) from the starter - it's redundant.

The following apply to the mini loom you removed that connected to the old voltage regulator, starter motor, etc
Take the removed little loom and carefully cut open the black sheathing.

Remove the big rubber grommet that goes through the top of the timing cover and fit to field winding cable - the two yellow wired cable attached to the field coils. I used WD40 to help slip it off without splitting it.

At old voltage regulator three spade connector - cut light blue wires.

Seperate from the bundle the two spade (blue and black wires) connector with its two wires still attached.

The Black wire should have the single spade that goes to the starter solenoid still attached.

The blue wire that was cut above now needs to be connected to the white wire of the reg/rect unit.

When you come to do the assembly the black wire can be squeezed in to the rear large rubber gromet at the top of the timing chest and reconnected to the starter solenoid.

..............end of mini loom instructions.....

Here's what I did for connections - the kit is a bit underdeveloped at the moment regarding specific bike hook-ups:

I used a two pin waterproof connector - got it off the trailer wiring shelf at the local auto store - for the field windings (the two yellow wires - this means the field windings can be disconnected later if it needs to be removed/replaced.

I hard wired the blue wire to the white reg/rect unit. Per above

For the wire from the reg/rect unit that needs to go live with ignition I did the following:
I carefully cut open the bike main loom just below/behind the steering head, where there is a main 4 pin connector. Inside the sheathing behind this 4-pin connector there is a large crimped junction of 4 green wires - all go live with the ignition switch. I soldered a fresh green wire (from the kit) to this bundle and then wrapped it up again with waterproof insulation tape. You will need a heavy duty soldering iron to provide enough heat for this. To the other end of this new green wire I attached a female spade. To the black wire off of the reg/rect unit I attached a male spade. Then these two were connected - add some of the electrical grease from the kit.
The red wires - I just soldered the orange fuse wire (from the kit) and shrink wrapped, and added the solder ring for the battery.

Notes on physical install.

The reg/rect mounting required a pair of relays to be relocated - there are existing mounting points available. I mounted the reg/rect upside down with the wires pointing towards the frame. I drilled a couple of holes for the mounting and cleaned off the paint around the mounting bolts to ensure a good earth. I added a couple of washers at the rear mounting to space it off as it would interfere with the main frame otherwise. I re-painted the mounting area after fitting to keep the earth good and free of corrosion.
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