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Originally Posted by PeteN95 View Post
Yes, the motor is tuned for reliability. It is a copy of the CRF450X, but with slightly lower compression ratio (11:1) and a small CV type street carburetor, which is required for the 50 state certification. Both 450s, DS and dirt only, use the same motor. I am in the process of installing a CRF 40mm FCR carb and CRF450X slip on to gain some power. I also am sure that a CRF450R cam will fit, but I need to verify which version is needed. The nice thing about the bike is that virtually all Honda parts fit.

As far as maintennce on the front drive, it is not bad. The bike comes with a needle tip grease gun and tube of grease to use on the telescoping front drive shafts. This is the only thing required at short intervals and only takes seconds to perform. The manual on the front drive system is quite impressive, the one on the rest of the bike, not so much, but again, it is basically a CRF450X and you can down load a manual for that.
On the Honda compatibility, how did that happen? Did Christini make some kind of deal with Honda? I'm only asking because Honda is usually very protective about their technology. I'd guess the CRF450 stuff is still patent protected to some degree, but honestly I have no idea how this stuff works.

On the CV carb, frankly for using it as a more serious DS bike, I'd rather keep the CV carb. They are easier to live with in places like Colorado, and they get excellent mileage as a rule. I currently have one on my KLX250S with a 300 cylinder on it, and it's a stupid simple carb. Nothing wrong with wanting more carb and a little better response, but I'd think the 450 would be more than sufficient power for my taste.
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