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WTF happened to the 690?

Ok so I have Ridden, Raced and Fixed my own and others bikes for more than 30 years so you would think I have some mechanical abilities, Right? Well apparently not. Remember back when Tiner said” Fuel, Spark and Air is all it needs” and I had been focused on the fuel part? Well tunnel vision got me then and it got me again later.

First time it ran poorly and symptoms were fuel related or so I thought and it turned out I had a cracked plug cap and when I fixed that it ran great. A couple days later when it just quit BAM quit I knew I had NEW fuel pump and NEW injector and my problem had been spark related. So on the side of the trail the first thing I tried was the plug. Put a new one in. Took the cracked plug cap apart again and re taped it. Checked the connections to the coil. Tried to see spark……. Thought it was there but weak.

I did check the fuel by loosening the clamps on the filter ( mine is external) and had fuel come out. Took the injector out of the bike and watched it spray a mist. Put Roc’s coil pack on my bike and mine would not run and mine on his ran barely. I really though at the time I had a problem with the pulser and the coil pack and repair was beyond my capabilities on the trail.

Slapped the bike back together and my friend Roc offers to ride my bike while I tow him……………..I only put up a little argument before caving…… was going to be a long tow and the terrain was steep, rocky and soft. This aint our first rodeo so we were prepared with a harness that attaches to the forks and pulls from the center with a carabineer to run the tow rope through and still have quick release, a long dymanic rope with another carabineer to attach to the foot peg of the bike doing the towing. But it was still going to be a hard trip.

All the way to the camp I am thinking of what I can do but in the end give up and am resigned to going home and now the issue is how to do it and let the group continue on. Im pretty bummed and even more that Herc is going to end his ride to help me get home but it is an adventure right.

At the miniquicksackgasmart I get on the smart phone and reach out to the 690 thread and get some info, make a couple calls to dealers and am being told it most likely the pulser on the crank. Neither of the shops have one, so the repair in the next day is out and now its time to change mindset and make the best out of the rest of the trip…… you already heard that.

Fast forward two weeks back home and I finally unload the crap off the bike and wash it and start digging into the problems. My spark plug cap is cracked and I don’t have the BEST spark but there is a spark. I take the injector out and hit the key to see the spray and as I hit the key I remember that the injector is only held in the fitting now by the friction of the o ring and expect it to fly across the garage but it don’t and I get a little mist………..WTF its supposed to have 55 psi………..its a new pump….. I take the hose off the inlet to the filter , hit the key and fuel dribbles out like an old guy pissin………..PUMP FAILURE….NEW PUMP FAILURE…………WRONG ! when I open the bottom of the tank I can see that all the safety wiring I did to keep the hose, electric wires and housing connected to the pump has held the hose ALMOST on the pump but the pressure has blown it off and it is sending some fuel but not like it should….. the replacement pump is one from Ca Cycleworks and it has NO BARBS on the outlet. We used safety wire to make the connection and that has held in the past but not without some barbs. I used a two eared crimp on clamp ( like you are supposed to), used a hot tip to melt a bit of plastic to make some ridges for the hose to hold onto and the bike runs good… and even better and like it should with a new plug cap.

An Email to Ca cycleworks and they sent me email in 2 hours saying they will send another pump FREE, said sorry the first ones had no barbs, oh and by the way keep the old one. And it was here in 2 days

As I was in my garage with the shitty feeling of watching the injector flying across the room I remember clearly doing the same thing on the trail and forgetting the pressure should be blasting the injector into the dirt..

TUNNEL VISION it will kick your ass every time…………….

I HATE this bike because its SOOOOO good at most of the stuff I like when it works but we have gone round and round many times, engineering problems to overcome………..and sometimes it was my failures to overcome

Worst thing is I could have fixed it on the trail, in camp or in Escalante if Tiner was there to remind me
“ Fuel Spark Air"

Sorry Guys
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