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Originally Posted by lockyv7 View Post
Would a soda blaster do any damage to a front wheel hub and spokes on a 100GS, i can clean the rim but to get in to the hub with the spokes its just a shit fight, maybe place a long threaded rod through the wheel with a couple of good rubber sealing washers to keep the bearings clean, or just use it as the time to replace the front wheel bearings while its apart.
Hi lockyv7... Wet media Soda blaster on the hub or most anywhere else alloy should be fine... It's the dry bead blasters that you need to keep away from anything alloy. It's also handy if the person doing the job understands a little about the parts and does their best to only get it where required.

Dry blast looks great until you touch it and then you'll learn that with every touch, finger prints will for ever be left all over the metal. Dry blast leave a sharp edge key which is near impossible to work with after that. You'll end up having to do the job a 2nd time with a wet soda blaster. Also keep in mind with any media blasting that's it's vital to make sure that everything is really well pressure washed afterwards... The media gets in to everything,,, especially oil galleries and other nasty nooks where is will come back to haunt you.. Otherwise it's great..

As for the spokes and other coated steel items,,, The blast media will likely remove any of the electro plating or paint that is on them. I'd suggest R & R the spokes and or having the wheel relaced with stainless wires afterwards.

One more thing for those keen on giving their engine parts that highly polished look;.... Highly polished finishes retain more heat as they don't provide that same cooling efficiency as flat or standard factory patina finishes... Look on any serious race car and you will find engine parts etc in mat or satin colours. Sorry lockyv7.. I digressed there a little, just thought I'd kill two birds with one stone... Cheers.....

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