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Day 4 Bear Lake, a little Wyoming and Utah at last!

I woke up feeling a bit chilly, note to self; zip up the sleeping bag- fool!, it was cold in the valley at night. Cold but not damp, as the tent was dry, that’s a change. My Head was a bit foggy from a slight overindulgence the previous evening. This to shall pass. I started packing up as the other denizens of the campground slowly stirred. I finished packing up and once again we decided to make a few miles before stopping for breakfast (and doing the morning chain lube ritual). While the other guys finished getting mobile I rode up to the Hot Springs to get some pictures in the bright morning sun. At Soda Springs we once again hooked up with my original track and Paul went inside to get advice from a “friendly local” regarding sustenance. We were directed out of Soda Springs (apparently they don’t eat there) to a truck stop called the Ranch Hand toward Montpelier.

As a bit of a joke I took this with my phone as it seems no ride report is complete here without the "food shot".

It indeed had decent grub and we fueled the bikes as well. The mountain range to the east of Bear Lake was looming ever closer and providing a great backdrop to an otherwise unremarkable highway. At Montpelier we (my bad) missed the turn that would take us along the west side of Bear Lake. In my defense both roads were #30 just with a different shape around the number (circle vs. shield) My GPS was right on the money, as my track showed the turn and I didn’t take it. This mistake was rectified within a block and we were again on track. The run along the west side of Bear Lake was beautiful and We found a spot beside the lake for a picture.

I had pulled in at a Marina but the old fella that was guarding wanted $8 bucks to go 100 yards to the end of the parking lot so I could snap a picture. I declined, but had to back up as turning around past the gate was going to cost me $8. I think that the guard was a former banker…. I am now planning to build a parking lot beside Bear Lake as my new retirement strategy, I think I am going to be a wealthy old fart.

We continued south into Utah briefly before crossing into the southwest corner of Wyoming headed to Evanston. We had to stop and do a chain adjustment on Chris’s bike and he was starting to get worried. In Evanston just as I was about to get through a light I spotted a decent looking bike shop so I did a “Crazy Ivan”. Now for those of you who have never seen the movie Hunt For Red October; a “Crazy Ivan” is a sudden, unexpected direction change. The guys were far enough behind that it didn’t cause an issue, other than they might have been questioning my nav. skills, or sanity. The guys at the Bike shop (Chris will have to pipe up with the name) were fairly helpful in assisting Chris with the location of new chain and sprockets. After a number of calls it was set up to have the parts delivered to the bike shop of the Godfather of Price Utah, Tony Basso. He seemed, as we discovered, to own everything in town. Now with a plan we decided to find lodging in or around Price.

First things first though, we had a nice little run up and over the Wasatch National Forest with a little bit of gravel logging road thrown in for good measure. The road (hwy 150) up and over the north end of Wasatch Forest was a delight and there was plenty of snow still around at the higher elevations. The intel from the bike shop in Evanston had told us it was passable.

We stopped briefly for a picture and kept on rolling until the left onto the gravel road. A fellow on a BMW street bike was parked in the shade of a tree by the turnoff and we inquired if the road was passable. He figured it should be no problem as they had had a very light season for snow. He was very enthusiastic when asked about the trail as he had been over it on his GSA and loved it. The trail was great and my GPS did not steer me wrong, and eventually it spit us out on hwy #35 East of Kamas Utah. From there we headed east to Duchesne. After a decent lunch and fuel up we headed southeast on 191 down Indian Canyon and this road was another nice ride up over another pass into Helper.

A short blast south on a much bigger stretch of 191 took us into Tony Basso’s town, of Price, where I went to the Bike shop first just to see where it was at for the next morning. That done we tried to find a campground. Another “friendly local” explained that we had missed the state liquor stores closing time so we were stuck buying the flavored water that passed for beer at the gas station. He was able to direct us to a nice little campground a few minutes south at Huntington where we could “be chill by the lake”. It turned out to be a nice spot that we could spread out for about $10 per person and thanks to Paul(BMW) sweet talking the camp hosts we scored some nice dry firewood gratis. The place had surprisingly great washroom/ shower facilities, and other than being in the middle of nowhere (so no close by eating establishments) was great.

I managed to get some neat time shots with Paul (KLR)’s led writing talents.

Tomorrow after Chris’s bike repair we would head across a wash road east of Castledale to Green River and arrive in Moab.

much more to come.....

Video for the Day:

Maps from the day:

I've learned so much from my mistakes. I'm thinking of making a few more.
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