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The point to having a 19/17 set of wider wheels, is to be able to actually DUAL-SPORT, to be quick on-road and be quick off-road. Not one or the other. I tried that with the standard narrow rims and narrow tires

DR 650:
front 1.85 x 21 with 90/90-21
rear 2.50 x 17 with 130/80-17
I had Heidenau K60 on these rims. They worked pretty well on-road, however, with wet weather, the skinny front would slide pretty easily. And that would have been even worse with real knobbie tires. In these sizes, knobbies would be better off-road, but really limit the possibility to do some real sporty ridng on-road.

Now i can ride anywere i want, on-road i can drag the pegs. And because off the wider rims, i can have a bit more aggresive tires that work well off-road.

I've seen this statement before:
21" is better than 17" off-road
17" is better than 21" on-road
And the 19" is the perfect middle ground.

As stated. next bike will have 2 sets, one will be the 21/18 wheels with true knobbies and the other will be a 19/17 set with wide aggressive dual-purpose tires. I'm confident i can go anywhere anybody with 21/18 wheels can go, i just have to ga a little bit slower.

And stating you should just get a streetbike...? what's up with that?
I have only 1 bike, i use it for commuting, all year round. vacations, "canyon" carving, off-roading, anything. That's the hole point to the Dual-purpose/ adventure bike. Go anywhere.

Thank's for the pic. at least 1 person that likes the 19" front.

Suzuki DR 650 SE 2006
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