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Originally Posted by aiMhi View Post
I dont have a test. Big John is going to have one done. Ill check with Royal to see if they have one handy but you want to see one from someone independent right?

If you want to run one I can ship you a couple quarts on my dime NP if you publish the results here.
In response to some of the questions on trhe Royal Oils, the 15/50 synthetic will perform with the best out there. There are even some motorcycle manufacturer brands that aren't as high performing as this one or some of the other private brands available. As far as using a 15/50 vs.a 20/50 or 10/40 or 10/50, the primary difference is the cold start flow characteristics depending also whether each one is a synthetic or pure conventional engine oil. I have 4 bikes and I have run this oil for three years in all and have had excellent results both in performance and smoothness of engine operation. I would put this oil up against any oil out there as to quality, additive protection, and viscosity shear stability as well as a strong antiwear package. They do not offer a 10/40 at this time but are onsidering it based on requests depending on volume use. The 20/50 semi-synthetic is formulated primarily for use in the big V-Twin engine configurations as well as the BMW requirements and some ATV/side-by-sides. I use the 15/50 full synthetic also in my BMW and it performs well as with my other bikes. This company sells truckloads to foreign users and have a major pizza company in Mexico that uses this oil exclusively for all their pizza delivery motorcycles.(hundreds!). Hope this helps!
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