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Originally Posted by taco250 View Post
... However, please remember that when Doc and LDF get back to NYC, they have real jobs that they must go back to.. .
It's been a busy few weeks since we've returned. Every chance I've had I hack away at the photos and video, but it's slow going. I've processed images from the start, up to our arrival at Crater Lake which represents the halfway point of M9. I think that's enough of a photo cache to get started writing up the RR, so here goes.

If i can't keep the photo processing ahead of the report writing, we might have a little intermission while I get caught up, we'll see when we get there.

Hopefully Questor and AlbertaStrom (and LDF) will chime in with commentary (and images as they see fit. Dave is producing some high-quality vids which are simply outstanding.

If you haven't already seen Q's ride report of the first few days of M9 that he joined us, check it out -- I'll be covering those days as well, so you'll see a slightly different perspective.

Right, so here's to it
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