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A few weeks before departing. I'm loading maps onto the GPS units. I want to include maps segments for any cities we have layovers in, just in case we get stranded or something. LDF is in charge of M9 airline logistics. I call her from work.

"Hey, what cities do we have layovers in on the way to and from Idaho Falls?"

"Just a second, let me find the itineraries. OK, on the way there we stop in Minneapolis, then Salt Lake City, then Twin Falls."

"Wow, three layovers? What time do we land in Idaho Falls?"

"Ummm. This just says "Twin Falls"...

"Yeah, but then we must get on a small plane to Idaho Falls, right?"

"Ummmm.... I'm gonna have to call you back in a few minutes."

That was soooo M8. Well, we got that sorted out. Nothing that can't be solved by throwing money at it. Funny how at the time it was such a big deal, but now in retrospect I'd have paid 10X what it cost to change the tickets to be able to experience this trip.

In the end we only had one layover in Salt Lake City. On the way to JFK we got to see the Enterprise waiting to get to the Intrepid.

I bet Q will like these pics.

We thought of him as we drove by.
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