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Day 6 Ignorance is bliss

Before the trip I had done extensive research on Moab, on everything from Campgrounds to gpx tracks (of course) to bike shops along the way to restaurants and it all paid off.

Morning sun on the bluffs behind the campground.

looking soutwest from our campsite
The following morning we went into town for breakfast with a plan to go do Arches and have an easy day for a change. Paul the BMW pilot had to head out the following day and had a list that he wanted to see that did not really work with our list of must-dos. He and I discussed this and he planned to head out (south) after breakfast the next day. This morning however we were off to the Love Muffin, a source of endless jokes, some of which might have been work safe (but I doubt it). By happenstance (or by plan) the ladies at the Love Muffin were easy on the eyes, and we would, by weeks end become regulars. The food was great, reasonably priced and not your (Denny’s) run-of-the-mill. As a HUGE bonus the coffee was excellent (I almost felt like posing out front) and I discovered (the second time we visited), free refills, in generous sized mugs. The Edge Gallery that Brett on ADV owns is right next-door but despite my efforts I just never made it in during business hours (next time I promise). While we were sitting having breakfast another ADV rider (sorry I can’t remember your name, feel free to pipe up) pulled up beside the bikes parked across the street.

The Love Muffin and Edge Gallery

The Mystery man from the KLR group

He wasn’t hard to spot, nor shy, and came over to chat when he came in. He was with a KLR Forum group that Hondo from ADV was with over at Canyonlands Campground right in town. He pulled out the maps and we discussed a few good runs around the area. He and Paul eventually walked over to the bikes and compared notes on KLRs. It was going to be a hot day and we got going out fairly early despite our leisurely start armed with full hydration packs. Arches National park came first and we all had cameras and GoPros rolling.

Park Avenue

We trolled along with the rest of the rubbernecking tourists and pulled in to take pictures at all but one turn off (more on the later). Eventually we reached the Parking area for “Delicate Arch” and it was a little way from the parking lot. After squeezing all four bikes into the only available spot in the lot we (in full gear minus our helmets) went on a little hike. How far could it be, probably said on the sign, did you read it, no, neither did I…. After a about ten minutes of hiking and one small detour, I asked a guy in his 60s that just came back from the Arch, “Oh your about… half way”. You gotta’ be shittin’ me I thought, my reply to the senior was far more civilized. “Well guys”, I said, “I’m turning around, I can’t do this, in this heat, but you go ahead” They to, turned around. When I got back to the parking lot a woman, trailing a few young kids said, “you look like a power ranger”. I replied, “that’s a first, usually I get, Storm Trooper; these are not the droids we’re looking for, move along.” The young boys grinned. Once we were all back we drove further down the side road to where the viewpoint for the Arch was, duh! I must pay more attention to signs. I must pay more attention to signs. I must pay more attention to signs. Oh well, I probably lost a pound (or two) hiking pointlessly. After a picture we moved along.

Delicate Arch from the viewpoint

Name that Album Cover....

Fiery Furnace viewpoint

Courthouse Rock

Artsy in Arches

Balanced Rock

Paul's Godzilla impression

"I Must Crush You"

Chris and Paul (KLR) saying yes to crack in Arches National Park, courtesy of Paul (BMW)

The crack photo shoot from my perspective

We carried on until we ran out of pavement at the north end of the park, but I had spotted a white gravel road that was part of my initial track into Moab from the north, not far back. Paul (BMW) told me he had a few things that he wanted to see yet today since his time in Moab was limited so he continued on back on the pavement. Chris, Paul (KLR) and myself (still packing the side bags) hit the gravel toward Klondike Bluffs.

Washboard for miles and miles, powdery sand in white, yellow and red was the order for the next hour or so. At the Bluffs we watched a couple of lizards run around and Paul tried to get a picture of one, not sure how that worked out. Then we headed back in the roasting heat. The road would have been a lot of fun if the incessant washboard weren’t trying to shake our bikes apart and loosen fillings. Slow down, what! Then back to the tourist parade back out of the park.

Pawel Rides on...

Klondike Bluffs road

We went in to the campground and hit the pool for a while before getting cleaned up and heading to town for Dinner at the nice little Mexican joint called La Hacienda (I think) at the north end of town on the east side of the highway. Somewhere in between I think we hit a grocery store and the liquor store where Chris picked up a nice bottle of Bourbon. We also fit in a trip to Arrowhead Motorsports to get a new front tire for Paul's KLR and while we were ther met "Jettin Jim" from this site. He is quite a character. Hope the ride is going well Jim!

Jettin Jim and his KLR.

The Mighty DR

Common sight around Moab

By the time we got back Paul (BMW) had returned from his explorations. Sometime while we were gone another KLR (1st gen) rider from Nevada had joined the Campers in the spot just across the way from ours. As it got dark I could see that he was sitting at the picnic table by himself without so much as a light. Me being shy and introverted walked over and introduced myself and invited Wayne over for a drink. He told me that he had been having a drink on the sly not wanting to offend anyone. “Hell” I said, “you’ll have to work harder than that to offend us, comon’ over”. He did and seemed quickly at ease.

We sat around our LED lantern (since a campfire was verboten, unless it’s charcoal, and who wants to sit around that) and had a few drinks before calling it a day. I had not turned on my phone for two days and was blissfully unaware that my sister had died that afternoon, and that my family was trying to reach me.

much more of the story still lies ahead....
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