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Day 7- A celebration of life and beauty, a mourning of death

This would be the morning that Pawel would break camp and head south after Breakfast. It was also the morning we would try for a quick breakfast at the nearby Dennyís. That would be what decided that the Love Muffin would be or spot for the rest of the trip for breakfast. Paul slept in a bit and told us he would meet us over at Dennyís, so we headed over. After well wishes we parted company with Pawel and each headed in opposite directions.

The now, group of three turned east down highway128 with Onion Creek road as our first objective. This road had been featured in the UTBCDR video and looked great with at least a dozen creek crossings as it weaved from side to side in the narrow canyon. The road itself was easy, but amazingly picturesque in the early morning light. The stream crossings easy as well as they were all very shallow. Eventually the road climbed up out of the canyon and ended at a junction turning east onto Thompson Canyon road.

This was a bit more challenging and had some very loose hill climbs as well as short sections of very sandy trail\. The big KTM dug her self in for a moment on one loose uphill corner. Chris had to go around and Paul stopped behind me while I powered up the hill. At the top I came around the corner to see Chris running back with camera in hand. Sorry buddy no carnage this time, other than maybe some stone chips on Paulís bike from my trenching. The sand was a bit of a challenge at times but the scenery was awesome! I stopped to check the Moab East map that I had picked up at the visitor center the day before since I had no gps track for this one. Eventually we climbed into the La Sal mountains and the views from up top were like nothing we had experienced yet and we were all in awe of the majesty of this place.

This was truly living, and it was good. The map eventually led us onto a snaking piece of pavement called the La Sal Mountain loop road and we followed it, enjoying everything but the plentiful tar snakes. In time we dropped down to Spanish Valley road that took us parallel to 191 north into Moab. It was truly blisteringly hot as we came into town. I led us to Milts drive in, but we all felt the need for air conditioning by this point and headed to the Moab Diner instead. It was not to disappoint and had a funky 50ís feel, Iíd go back. Once again research paid off. The rest of the day was spent around town and back at the campground in the pool. We did a brief stop over at Canyonlands Campground in search of Hondo and the KLR crew. We found the bikes, and I left a note for Jim and they other KLR guys in the tenting area in true ADV style. That wasn't a donut, it was @, you guys know what I'm talking about, but you made me laugh a couple of nights later in the Blu Pig's lounge.

Once in a while I remember to relax, and this was when I decided to fire up the phone and check my messages. My heart sank as I read the first message from my wife and I had this weird feeling that my chest was crushing in on my lungs. I didnít know what to do, but managed to sound (hopefully) less shocked than I felt when I called home. A sick feeling of horror (for what my parents had been, and were going through) cascaded over me. I sat on the next campsiteís table head in hands, not sure how to go forward. My wife had told me the funeral was on the following Saturday, and right there I knew I had to make it, all other considerations were secondary. It was too late to call my parents so that would have to wait, even though I knew sleep would be a scarce commodity for them. I still had no idea what to say, and in honesty I still donít. Just keeping from breaking down on the phone would be hard. It took all that I could muster to put on a somewhat normal appearance for the guys. I know they would understand but I have always had a hard time showing what I am feeling. Letting people in is not my strong suit, so this is rarity, me baring my soul. Maybe that is Deborahís legacy to me. We were not as close as maybe we should have been, but I miss you dearly. May your soul be soaring free.
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