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Originally Posted by craftsmanracer View Post
Yes! i had a cracked carburetor boot, and extra air was leaking into the engine, causing the air/fuel mix to get all screwed up.

I also think it would start after sitting because it gave the carb time to leak gas into the motor wich "choked" it.

Unfortunately though, 2 days ago, I was doing a very aggressive sprint down a dirt road, and the bike lost power, and wouldn't start up again.

Took it home, and blamo!

So now I got to get a new piston, and probably split the cases to get the pieces of smoked piston out of the crankcase.

Unless anyone else has an idea????
Running a bit lean there.

Turn the motor over and flush out the bits with kerosene, there is no need to split the cases. All that is going to wash out is pepper sized bits, anything bigger was already blown out the exhaust.
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