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Stolen iPad options...

Originally Posted by Two Moto Kiwis View Post
We stayed behind today in Fairbanks to get all our Ride Reports up to date and some FU@$#N wanker flogged our ipad 2 literally from under our nose in the University Library.

Couldn't bloody believe it eh, the thing would not have been more than 2 metres from us

We have been to the Police and filled a report, they are going to get some footage from the surveillance camera but they are not very hopeful.

Can't believe the cheek of some lowlifes, if we find them they will pay with their lives.
Andi & Ellen - so sorry to hear that a low-life intruded into your aura of good karma. The cosmic universe will set things right eventually and visit & hold him accountable - and for now, his punishment is to live his crappy life. You and Ellen are among the finest and best people on the planet, and karma and the cosmic universe will set things right for you two - but, it sucks for now.

Options: Did you have your ipad "Find Me" feature set up? If so, there is a possibility that it can be tracked - and even remotely wipe all of your data - unless the thief restores the ipad system. In any event, Apple recommends that you change your passwords for any online accounts.

The Apple bulletin recommends that you also use My Support Profile so that you can see what serial numbers have been purchased or registered with your Apple ID.

There are turd people everywhere - so, please do not let this guy win and detract from your awesome adventure - anything we can do to help - give us a yell.

Gary & Deb

PS - Excellent pics - thanks!
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