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Originally Posted by Lycan1 View Post
The white rim trail is approximately 118 miles around depending on how you hook onto it, as there are options for doing so. We started at 08:00 and due to all the stops and the "Hill" took until 18:30 to get it done.
Have fun, be safe.
I have heard of people just flat bombing the road and getting it done in just a couple of hours. I honestly do not know how you could do that though, and you certainly would not have time to stop for photos at all if you did.

Then again I have been on the first third of it (coming from Shaffer) that I would not stop for photos very much myself, at least not until I got to something new, but perhaps not then either. I have a lot of Moab photos, so the thought of stopping along that road, in that heat, to snap a few just does not agree with me. I hope to get to do it soon myself, and I am expecting it to take me six to eight hours.

Of course I have also read stories of guys who have done it in jeeps in "one day" which typically means leaving at 0600 and not getting back until 2300 or even 0200 the next day.

Best of luck on your trip! I wish I could go with you, but not in that heat...

...And of course this is still a great RR. It makes it easy to see what I will be up against when I go on there myself if I can read really good RRs like this; besides it is cathartic for me... it eases the daily grind when you can remember the days out on the trails.

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