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Departure worked out to be right at 5:30am. It was only 76 degrees but the humidity was high enough that combined with my protective gear, it made me break a significant sweat just trying to get the door locked. It only took a few minutes to get the bike loaded, odometer reset, and then get on the road. I headed out of town on Shelbyville Road, with plans to make my first fuel stop about 8 miles from home. Here's the gas station shot I promised earlier, along with the odometer pic:

The last weather forecast I checked indicated partly cloudy skies, an afternoon high of 90 degrees, and humid. The eastern horizon offered some scattered cloud, but nothing threatening. I managed to get the waning crescent moon in the upper left of the photo, although there was almost enough light to obscure it by this point.

Shelbyville road goes from a heavily developed, strip mall cacophony to rural Kentucky in the space of about a mile. Once I passed out of the business part and into the "country" part, the temperature dropped considerably and gave much-welcomed relief from the heat and humidity. I was already loving my Camelback and the difference it makes in dealing with the heat. I soon found this vista and made the first official photo stop of the day. How about those clouds building in the west? While I'm not a meteorologist, those look like they could produce some rain:

The mighty DR beside a hay field:

I turned south on US-127 and headed down to Harrodsburg. Reaching Old Fort Harrod, I was delighted to find I had the park to myself at this early hour. Here's a couple of links if you'd like to read more about the history of the first permanent settlement in the state of Kentucky:

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