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doing lines

A quick plan is hatched to slab it out to a section of powerlines out to the east of Melbourne for a bit of an explore.

5 mins in Enigma finds he cant change gears, we work out that a new case saver he put on is in the way so out comes the tyre lever for a bit of bending action

Air down for dirt, round 18psi, should have gone lower as I will soon find out the hard way

we get to the track that follows the powerlines

I was here in summer, it was 35C and dry as a chip, its about 10 now

looks dry on the sunny side

that was easy, nice little single track

the southern side of the hill was a different story

for some strange reason my bike decided to have a nap half way down, been doing this a lot lately

I can describe this little bit like trying to ride over a VW covered in shit, from this point its no stop


There's a wheel in there somewhere, hard compound road legal tyre ...FAIL

These guys showed up and had a crack, the patrol made it ...just, we where waiting for the explosion, it hovered there for what felt like an eternity before it found a tiny sliver of grip and pulled out

The disco wasn't so lucky

great view, I wanted to get to the top of that hill, but our government put randomly space fences across sections, to protect us from having to much enjoyment

Went back the other way .....yep fenced

mmmm fence

yay an open bit

but not for long

So feeling a bit frustrated we hit the slab back home

Coldstream airport, you can come here and throw yourself out of a perfectly functional aircraft

not a bad little ride, but for some reason it left me a little frustrated with some restrictions that are placed on riders around here, apparently it is illegal to ride singletrack in the state Victoria and I have heard of areas getting closed off permanently ...but enough of my bitching.
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