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Originally Posted by Wings View Post
would love to see those pics...but I suspect as with any gear, especially a one piece that isn't waterproof on the outside, this will be the achilles heel of the otherwise great looking suit.

Just thinking of the contortions I have to twist my body into to try and get into or out of a waterproof liner is painful, especially after wearing it for a while and getting damp and clammy, with moisture building up on the inside since rain liners tend to not breathe whatsoever and cling to whatever you're wearing underneath.
I was hoping to be proven wrong with some great innovative idea since the rest of the suit looks fantastic-but I guess there's no pics after all, leaving me to think it's just another plastic rain suit like the rest of them.

In which case, I'll most definitely stick to what I've found to work best for me-rainproof goretex layer on the outside, roomy enough to wear as an overpant/jacket with lots of vents so it's still perfectly useably during summer even if I sacrifice the sexy looks, I'd rather be protected well and functional (including easy bathroom access which is not easy when having to peel off a sticky, clingy rain liner).

Too bad, this had promise. I'll stick to my current gear. It was pricey too (but so is the Teiz suit, so that's a break even), but it breathes, has super armor and is good year around.

Never hurts to keep an eye open for new and improved gear, but without a waterproof outer layer or some great new revelation about this liner (which still leaves the issue of being super cold and heavy when the outer layer gets soaked with rain), I'd rather sacrifice form for function. JMHO

Though we provide liners, we outrightly recommend that you wear a rain gear over your suit. So you can wear your current Gore-Tex layers over the Revolution suit and staydry - but take off the rainsuit when its dry. So you get all the benefits of the Revolution and a one piece suit !
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