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Well, since I last reported on the brakes I have rewired the connection between the stator and the regulator/rectifier. I added a direct link between the battery POS and NEG to the R/R. Changed the R/R to one off of a Kawasaki ATV and got stranded five miles from home when one of the crimp connectors failed.

Spent the afternoon tracing the connectors and THINK I have it back up and running, but I am not going to risk riding it 35 miles to work for Ride to Work day.

Also discovered while 15 miles from home that I was actually riding a GR325. Not a good thing when you can pull the sparkplug cap off one cylinder and it makes no difference to how a parallel twin is running. Solved that one with new plugs and plug caps.

I think I'm going to figure out how to mount a voltmeter to my dash so I can keep a close eye on the charging system.

Brakes are still no threat to throw me over the handlebars, but stops are well modulated and adequate.
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