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RR1 Squamish to Bellingham

The road has an officially been hit.
Our intention was to depart our home in Squamish at 7:00 am. There was just one small problem. By the time we got the bikes loaded and ready to roll, it was closer to 8:00 AM.
Everything having been loaded, bungeed and checked, we finally headed out around 8:30. We got about three blocks from home, and the rain started to come down as though there were some sort of prize involved. We headed back unloaded and covered the bikes and debated just driving the car to Portland.

While we were discussing this option the rain stopped, and the sun broke through. Typical, I thought in a John Cleese accent. We reloaded the bikes, put all of our gear back on and headed out. We got as far as McDonald’s about 2 miles away and had to stop for a bite of breakfast.

The earnest young man at the till informed us that they had stopped serving breakfast about 20 minutes earlier. “I mean really” (oh shut it will you John). Even while we were eating at McDonald’s there was a bit of a shower which did not augur well in Scooter Chick’s estimation.

Heedless of the portents and the rising wind we got back on the bikes and headed towards Vancouver. We did have to ride through one fairly stiff shower of about 10 minutes, but then the sun came out, the road dried up and we carried on. At one point we did pull over to discuss our progress and as if by ESP Scooter Chick found a pull off with a Porta-Potti.

That having been taken care of we continued east on Highway 1 and then to the border at 176th street and crossed into the USA at about 2:00.
We stopped in the local grocers for munchies, and then at the local coffee stand for some caffeinated refreshment.

We stopped along the way and made some new friends.
ScooterChick remarked that most of the jackasses she has met are considerably larger.

We continued on H Street in Blaine Wa. until we came to the Guide Meridian and road south to Bellingham, in spite of howling crosswinds threatening to blow us into the next county.
There is nothing better than to be happy, and enjoy ourselves as long as we can.

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